A tree needs.. Roots2Grow

Roots2Grow supports the learning of maths with 3 principles:

  • We learn through play

    Play invites us to question everything, to try something new and, most importantly to fail... and try again. We don't need to be told this when we play.

  • To play, we must feel like playing

    If the feelings that allow us to play are shutdown, then we may never play in that arena again. We may "do" but not play or be open to challenge.

  • To grow we must fail

    We must try things that defeat us to become stronger. We must think of things that we cannot quite conceptualise for our brain to grow. Without challenge we cannot grow.

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Maths Explorers

Online Creative Maths Clubs

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We all have the capacity to explore. You can explore mathematical ideas regardless of your ability in formal maths. The only barrier is how you feel about it. We hope to ensure that every child and adult gets a chance to experience this side of maths. As children become more comfortable with this way of working, they will grow to enjoy maths more and feel better about their own ability to do maths.

Sign up to one of our online maths clubs where a group of 6 - 10 friends or peers meet up weekly and explore maths challenges together.

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In Person Creative Maths Clubs

We run a few in person clubs at local schools

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Maths Moves! Loan Packs

A Maths E-motion Programme: Moving our Country to the Beat of Maths - Option 1 - Do it yourself

Bring the spirit of maths exploration into your school with our Maths Moves! Loan Packs. You can loan challenge packs to make your own club, run your own maths enrichment days or even support your regular classes.


Maths Moves! Days


A Maths E-motion Programme: Moving our Country to the Beat of Maths - Option 2 - Bring us in

Experience an exhilarating day of hands-on, colourful and fun problem-solving maths enrichment activities and challenges for your whole school.

We are taking provisional bookings for Summer 2021 (We are hoping that by then, we will be able to return to in-person work).