Maths Circles

Maths Circles are alternative or supplementary maths experiences. We understand maths as ideas and feel that everyone is capable of exploring these ideas and enriching their lives through engaging with maths. The use of problem solving techniques can be used in all areas of life and of course are extremely useful for supporting more formal education in mathematics. We run maths circles for all ages but in different flavours depending on your requirements.


Maths Explorers

We started maths explorers in July 2014 to provide a way for young people to explore maths in a variety of different ways. We ended up exploring the topic just as much ourselves! We now run maths explorers sessions and courses in Tulse Hill and Brixton. Each programme lasts about 6 weeks or sessions and covers a broad topic in maths. Here are details of our upcoming sessions

Place value and number bases - The Tulse Hill Hotel - In this programme, we explore the history of nubmers and look at some of the ways that people have communicated numerically throughout history and even today. We'll explore binary and some other base systems in the course.

Points, lines and shapes - PAPA's playground, Pulross Road, Brixton - Curves, lines and points go together to make the things that we call shapes. We'll explore these shapes and their basic building blocks and how they are related to each other. Activities will involve games, problem based exercises and other kinds of challenges.


These are our maths club sessions at the Tulse Hill Hotel on Thursdays. Games nearly always include a lot of mathematical thinking which can provide another way to engage with the subject. Bring your chilren along to play games and solve mathematical puzzles and interact with others in competitive and collaborative maths challenges.

Build with Maths - coming soon

Build online and off line using mathematical principles. This is a particularly hands on approach to learning. Build with paper, lego, blocks, wood, Minecraft blocks, electronics or computer code. Look at how mathematical thinking can improve your techniques and decisions.


Maths Chat - coming soon

Collaborative maths challenges. A maths version of a reading circle but a far broader version of maths. This is aimed at adults especially those who would like to support their children's maths education. We meet up in informal settings and base conversations on different objects of some mathematical significance which might be a news report, maths problem or anything else.

We model conversations that parents could have with their children without being worried about teaching or their own understanding.