Maths Circles

Maths Circles are alternative or supplementary maths experiences. We understand maths as ideas and feel that everyone is capable of exploring these ideas and enriching their lives through engaging with maths. The use of problem solving techniques can be used in all areas of life and of course are extremely useful for supporting more formal education in mathematics. We run maths circles for all ages but in different flavours depending on your requirements.


Maths Explorers

Join one of our regular sessions either at West Norwood Leisure Centre or at selected schools. Maths Explorers' sessions encourage children to approach mathematical enquiry with a playful manner. This develops a healthy respect for the challenge of maths and reduces the chance of anxiety with respect to maths.

Our sessions are suitable for children under 12 and will usually follow one of two formats. The first is focused on discovery of an exploration style through playful challenges that involve various mathematics tools. The second type of session is a more focused approach to problem solving. To find out more about which session would be best for you, try filling out the survey below

Which session should my child attend?